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Want to pick up a copy? Smart move! Here are your options, to date (click to be transferred to that site):

Outlet Hardcopy Digital
Direct from the authors Yes No
Barnes&Noble Yes Yes
Barnes&Noble UK No Yes
Amazon.com Yes Yes
Amazon.co.uk Yes Yes
Amazon.fr Yes Yes
Amazon.de Yes Yes
Kobo Bookstore No Yes
iBookstore (ipad, iphone) No Yes

Barnes&Noble's digital version is a DRM-free EPUB file that will work on any ereader except the Kindle. The B&N Nook, Sony Ereader, Kobo, Iphone, Ipad, Asus, Bookeen, and many other Ereaders all support this format.

Amazon's digital version is a DRM-free MOBI file that will work on the Kindle or any other device that supports the MOBI format.

DRM is "Digital Rights Management," a technology that tries to restrict what you can do with digital files you download. These authors think DRM is dictatorial and not cool, a real Dick Move. Our digital downloads are all DRM-free.

Bloggers, contact us for free-of-charge review copies by emailing rich@dictatorshandbook.net.

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