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Dick's Tips: Move Fast

No one likes a slacker. I certainly don't, and I tend to reward those supporters of mine who show initiative and quickly move to serve my interests. And as a quite competent dictator, I do the same. See an uprising brewing? Try to snuff it out before the week is over, using whatever security tools work best -- clandestine or otherwise (note to Bashar: this does NOT mean indiscriminate bombing or terror tactics. 'Move fast' doesn't mean 'move stupid'). Generals not cooperating? Before they have breakfast be sure to welcome them to a new posting at a volatile and distant border checkpoint. Have fun, commandante. 

But what if you're worried about those annoying checks and balances that come with democratic legitimacy? Here again is the perfect opportunity for rapid action.

Mohamed Morsi knows the drill. Take office in June, seize unprecedented powers by November. Now that's a timetable designed to catch your enemies off guard and shake the faith of democracy boosters world-wide. What's next, some will say? Maybe it's only temporary, others hope. And, never forget that there will be many others nodding and picking the winning side -- the one that's above judicial compulsion. 

I've done the same thing myself -- in Rich Tater's country, I'm the only one above the law, and I had that little clause written in the constitution soon after taking power. It's my life on the line, after all. When you're playing for those stakes, a little speed can mean the difference between a firing squad and ultimate power. So get a move on, young dictators! In autocracy, faster IS better.

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