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The book is live

Hard to believe what a long, glorious road it's been to travel. So the Dictator's Handbook: a practical manual for the aspiring tyrant is now available on the market and for sale in outlets across the world. Well, the English speaking world. We'll work on other languages later, perhaps, if there's interest.

It wasn't easy. Khadaffi was killed while the manuscript was still about a quarter incomplete. Kim Jong Il shuffled off this mortal coil: what fun is it to write about dictators with those two yokels unaccounted for? Thank God Lukashenko is still with us, and Putin is good for an occasional laugh.

Latin America – You can always count on those guys to err on the side of tyranny. Chavez, despite failing health, still easy to poke fun at, and Nicaragua's Ortega is never far behind. Ahmadinejad is always good for a laugh. Because if you didn't laugh, you'd cry.

In so many years, this has been the year of the dictator. Never would've seen that coming when I started writing in late 2008/early 2009. Several months into the manuscript - the book was already close to a hundred pages by that time - another book by nearly the same name was released, to good reviews. Sacha Baron Cohen came out with his movie not long ago, and a new book by the name of the Dictator's Learning Curve has just come onto the market. It seems like all these authors are sending similar messages: these dictators, they're all doing the same thing. And they can be stopped, if the people just know what to look for and organize themselves against them.

These books come out of frustration that the world could be a much better place. Perhaps someday it will be.

As for you,Richard M. Tater. Stop that chuckling. It's not as funny as you think, right?

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