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Reorganize and Install Your Own People

Got a troublesome geographic region?  A bunch of political leaders causing you to lose some sleep at night?  Wish you could work with someone who better respects - we all know what that means - your opinions?

There's a solution, and it's not hard.  Over to you, Vladimir Putin. 

This one is really great.  And as usual, it's Vladimir Putin pushing the limits of representative government to advance political consolidation.

Courtesy of RFE/RL, we have this:

The draft Strategy of a State Nationalities Policy currently in the final
stage of discussion contains a provision that could allow for the
consolidation of the North Caucasus republics into a single
territorial-administrative entity of which Russian President Vladimir Putin
could appoint his protégé, Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov, as head.

This is brilliant.  Follow Vlad's lead and you've not only done away with troublesome local politicians but reorganized local political life in a way that permits you to put in your own people.

It works the other way around, of course.  If politics require a number of votes from representational leaders, add regions until you have the votes!  Let's say your country has 9 regions, each with one vote.  You've only got 4 people who support your stupid idea.  Well, break up the other regions and install your people in each of the new regions, so you have a majority vote as well as leaders in each new region who have been handpicked by you.

How to justify it?  Population growth is a good one, "fair" representation is another.  But there's room for your creativity here, too.  Let out the creative muse! 

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