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Dick Move #27: Turn the Tables

If you've read the Dictator's Handbook, you've realized these tactics aren't just the playground of the world's violent, totalitarian states.  democracy comes in many sizes and shapes and it's easy for any critic to pass judgment on the basis of subjective, cultural bias.

What I'm saying is: you don't have to stand there and listen to any crap you don't want to.  Play it like Putin! 

Russia has just released a 50 page report written by a professional social scientist detailing the United States' many human rights abuses.  Russian officials claim they are tired of the preachy, one sided dialogue the United States is too prone to giving, and has encouraged this scholarly work in order to change the tenor of the dialogue.

What's brilliant about this move is the quality of the work: it's professional, it's legitimate, and it's scholarly.  Lots of footnotes and references!  So it's going to be difficult to refute it.

And now, as long as you're sitting back and reading that, may I offer you a nice, cold glass of Shut The Fuck Up? 

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