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Dick Move #26: Watch your back

Anyone who thinks the head of state can just kick back and enjoy the trappings of a luxury lifestyle hasn't read my book.  In fact, the Dictator's Handbook lays out in no uncertain terms just how dangerous a job the Presidency can really be.

Wouldn't you say so, Mr. Yayi?

Boni Yayi

Here's a guy who just narrowly escaped with his life.  Lucky man! 

WADR has the details, as does the BBC.  The attempt on Yayi's life was the work of a blood relative, a former minister, and the president's personal doctor!  Wow, if that doesn't provide a great example, nothing does.

Here are the lessons to learn:

  1. Trust no one.  Not even your doctor.  Definitely not your urologist/proctologist, I'd think.

  2. Have no relatives.  If you do have relatives, shuffle them off to a labor camp, far-away nations for study and/or vacation, or just keep them in preventative prison.

  3. Ex-ministers.  Wow, where to begin?  V is for vengeance, pal.  It stands for some other words too: read chapter 3 of the Dictator's Handbook for some specific tips on how to ensure your ministers - while they're working for you - fear you the way they fear an eternity in hell.

Welcome to another day, Mr. President.  Keep looking over your shoulder.


Presence of President Yayi on this website doesn't imply he's a dictator.  But the situation he just survived is instructive for anyone intending a lengthy stay in power.
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