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Dick Tip: Supersize it


You know what they say where dictatorships, breast implants, and 4wheel drive American vehicles are concerned:  the bigger the better.  Let's get to North Korea.

The thing I like the best about North Korea: they don't do anything half way.  It's all the way or not at all.  Who'd thing they'd be a Stalinist state so many years after Stalin?  Who else would have the cojones to prohibit the use of any radios other than those officially-sold radios that have been hardwired to receive only the government station?  The Kim family doesn't mess around.

That goes for their architecture as well.  The Atlantic dug up this article about a mega-hotel Kim Jong Il had hoped would be the largest building in the world.  Not bad for an economy that's probably the biggest failure in the world, but hey … I'm just saying.  105 stories, several decades in the making (and not done yet).  A testament to largeness.  A triumph of biggosity.  A trophy to big, swinging, dictatorship.

Nice work, boys.  I wonder if anyone out there can beat it? But first, head over to the Atlantic Wire and read it for yourself.

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