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Dick Move #20: Keeping Foreigners on their Toes

Let's just take a moment to remember who the big boss is around here.  And let's continue reflecting on the subject of who has the entire apparatus of the state at his control.

Now let's think about foreigners doing business in our countries. 

So Jason Puracal has won his appeal and will be freed from a Nicaraguan prison after two years.  Bully for him. 

He was accused of drug trafficking and money laundering, convicted, and sentenced to 22 years in prison.  Two years later, the case falls apart and he's released.  He won!

No, the government of Nicaragua won.  Ortega won.  Well, same thing, really.  Puracal spent two miserable years of his life behind bars in a Nicaraguan prison, despite overwhelmingly little evidence he'd done anything wrong at all.  In essence, without any of the effort, trouble, money, and work necessary to bring a case to justice, Nicaragua cost that guy two years.

Do you think the next foreigner that wants to do business and/or politics in Nicaragua will watch where he steps?  You betcha.

Enjoy your freedom, Puracal, you've paid dearly for it.  And to everyone else, watch your step.  You might be declared "innocent," but you'll spend some pretty miserable time in jail before that happens, which means even if you win, you lose. 

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