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Dick Move #16: DIY

What to do once you've cleaned house of the frail, disloyal, suspect, or incompetent?  After all, you need someone to run your government under your divine, inspired, and omniscient leadership.

Anyone?  Anyone?  Would someone like to volunteer an answer?  Yes, you in the corner with the stupid-looking face.  Do you have an answer you'd like to share with the class?

Speak up, fatface.  I can't hear you.  You mumble.  Take the doughnut out of your mouth.  What's that?

 Ah yes, do all those jobs yourself.  Good work, young man.  What's your name again?  Ah yes, Mr. Kim from North Korea.  Nice to have you here, son.  I liked your father quite a bit - a good student, in fact.  Better than you, now that I think of it.

That's an especially good tip where top, strategic posts are concerned.  You'll want to be the head of the army probably, and perhaps the head of the judicial system as well.  Want to run a couple of ministries?  Why not?  You're the brightest, fastest, strongest, and most virile Dick in the kingdom, after all.  

The advantage is clear: no one can contradict you if you are the only one making decisions.  And nothing will get done without your blessing.  That must taste delicious.  Even better than that doughnut, huh pudge-boy? 

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