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Dick Move #9: Always have an external enemy

Man, there is nothing more fun than having an enemy of the state.  It leads naturally into the Culture of Fear (Chapter #5 of the Dictator's Handbook), keeps your people submissive, anxious, and pliable.  And of course, enemies of the state fall naturally on geographic, ethnic, and religious lines: all things that invoke passionate - and thus incommensurate - responses.

This would be a long list if I tried to populate it fully:  The Nicaraguans and Costa Ricans dislike each other, the Hondurans and Salvadorans too.  The Mexicans dislike the Zapatera minority, the Gypsies are hated everywhere, the Jews get short shrift, the Chinese get screwed in Southeast Asia and the Indians in East Africa.  The "War against Terror" convinced the Americans to spend themselves into the toilet, and general Islam-vs-the-West tension is on the rise again.  Al Qaeda is the bugbear/ghost story parents tell their children to keep them suitably scared and their jammies suitably-pooped.

Israel, though: wow, what a godsend for nutsack dictators like Iran's Ahmadinejad who invoke anti-zionism whenever provoked.  Here he is at his best

In a speech at an antidrug conference in Tehran on June 25, Iranian Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi posited his theory that “Zionists” -- particularly those who follow Talmudic teachings -- are in control of the illegal drug trade. He went so far as to offer money to any member of the audience who could “research and find one single Zionist who is an addict.” According to Rahimi, there is no such thing as a Zionist drug addict, thus proving his point.

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