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A Tear for Nicaragua (Die Ortega, Die)

I'm chagrined that it's taken this long for me to take this on, but here we are:

Nicaragua is on the cusp of a new chapter filled with unspeakable evil. Time to start paying attention, world.

Maybe we all saw it coming. The Dictator's Handbook was written about Daniel Ortega; the first edition would have been dedicated to him, "without whom this book could never have been written," had my wife not intervened. But from the moment that mustachioed shithead stepped back into power, I think we must all have known that we'd eventually wind up where we find ourselves today.

It began with a nothing, sort of: botched pension reform. But that wasn't the beginning. Long before this last, hamfisted mistake came countless other power grabs, offenses, glimpses of avarice. Ortega has long known the Nicaraguan pueblo (people) are sick and tired of violence, after having weathered a bloody and endless civil insurrection. Oh yeah, that was the insurrection that put this avaricious bastard in power. The abuses of the constitution, the imposition of a vice president who had never appeared on the ticket (his wife), followed by constituional change to ensure she'd succeed his eventual death. The grooming of a son. The casting out of her daughter, his stepdaughter, who had long accused him of having repeatedly raped her through the 1980s. She was silenced, as were others.

It all seemed like ... steps straight out of the Dictator's Handbook.

And now we know that indeed, it was.

This blog has been silent for a while. But I'm going to crank it back up into action. And I'm going to use it to chronicle every last human rights abuse that happens. Because this is the reality of Nicaragua in 2018: Daniel "I suck cock" Ortega has lost the right to govern. Enough is enough, the people refuse to continue like this, and they've said so very eloquently and very consistently.

But this Dictator has responded with bullets. Well over 100 have been killed to date, all civilian, and each and every one for the crime of protesting. Or worse, of aiding people who were injured while protesting. We've seen videos of storm troopers stomping violently through the Free Trade Zones - a show of strength to ensure those FTZs don't even consider halting their work, as they fund the Ortega family's personal accounts. Innocent civilians are being gunned down in the streets.

This will end only one way, as Ortega has clearly been watching Bashir Al Assad and Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro, both of whom have steadfastly refused to go and gunned down their own citizens at will. Ortega will do the same. This ends when someone puts a bullet in that mustachioed shitbag's head, and one in his wife's. Here's hoping it happens soon.

Die Ortega, Die.

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