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Yin and Yang

I don't go in much for Eastern philosophy, but even I have to admit that the concept of natural dualities can be applied to my favorite subject -- dictatorship! For every dictator that rises, another one falls, and for every autocrat who makes a mistake another capitalizes on it and assumes power (note to would-be tyrants: don't try that with me or you'll regret it).

The case of Mohamed Morsi illustrates this perfectly.  

Remember President Morsi? The supposed victor of the Arab Spring who rushed to legitimately elected power, made moves to consolidate his rule and then ... stopped reading my book, evidently. He lost the military, a fatal mistake, and was deposed, imprisoned, and is now facing a trial (locked in a soundproof cage, no less).

Where's the duality there, you might ask? Well, Morsi's fall has clearly benefited a shrewd character I've complimented elsewhere on this blog, General Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi. The General is a man after my own heart -- he was recently 'awarded' the title of Field Marshal just ahead of a likely presidential run, which shows that he learned from the best (that's me). Reviving honorifics when  you are already popular, when the public is clamoring for you to run for President (and, needless to say, when you are already serving as the 'interim' president), is the icing on the cake, the last step in a carefully thought out program that will result in one objective: the assumption of 'legitimized,' popular dictatorship! Even better, all this is happening at a time when his foil, Ex-President Morsi, has reached his nadir.

Now that gets me excited! Here's to you General, and your rampant Yang!

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