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Greatest hits from the forum, 2013 (part 2 of 2)

Continuing on - and finishing - yesterday's discussion, here are some of the best bits of commentary from the Europe, Africa, General, and Chitchat sections. In sum, 2013 was a great year for all you Dickheads on the forum! Keep it going, folks. Lord knows you can't discuss this stuff on Facebook./a

Quotes from discussion of bad governance in Europe

Russia seems like a good place to start. When Putin ally Sergei Sobyanin won the Moscow mayor's office, Wild East piped up with:

Takes two to tango. Looking forward to seeing these two dance a bit.

He was there too when the Washington Post blasted Barack Obama for "resetting relations with Russia" all the way back to the Cold War years. "It is time for Obama to recognize the facts and listen to critics of his Russia policy." they said, to which Wild East quipped,

If you're going to listen to the critics you had just as well start with the ones on this forum, who've been saying that very thing for donkeys years now.

It feels good to be right. Especially on the Internet, would you say, W.E.?

Over to Italy, where where your friend and mine, Silvio Berlusconi, got nailed for tax fraud and his prison sentence was upheld. Take it away, forum old-timer Scat in Hat:

I can't believe they got him. Khadaffi never would've stood for this sort of crap.

Netizen Radio Daze was there when PussyRiot was released and decided to make a living off of angering Putin. Who has more influence, an autocrat or a punk band?
I was going to make a poor joke about Putin being better 'armed' for a pissing match. But in a fight between popular musicians and politicians, the political class doesn't necessarily find itself in the advantage!

Also related to the release of Pussy Riot, Pad Thai Why asked,

I see pussy riot is out of jail and free to rejoin their families. And they're free for the only reason possible: because Putin willed and permitted it. Isn't that the only thing you need to know about a tyranny?

Excellent reading of the Dictator's Handbook, my friend. And enough talk about Russia. Over to the United Kingdom, where they'd like to forbid pornography through ... um ... sophisticated Internet filters. Take it away, Old Oak:

I too fret about a world without porn. I mean, heck with the internet, there have been dirty mags for generations. How far back do you want to go? And can you? I'll give you a hint: I don't think you can.

He's right, of course: it's just an excuse for government control.

On the other end of "control" is the American Tea Party. So when Spain saw the development of a party insurrection that looked like the American equivalent, Phab Four warned:

Buena suerte to my Spanish friends. The tea party has been an unmitigated disaster in the United States, and the only possible benefit of their existence - the splitting of the Republican party - is outweighed by their other tactics. Get out while you can, Spanish friends!

Quotes from discussion of bad governance in Africa

Well, a lot of the news was about the usual suspects. About Zimbabwe's elections, which were largely gauged to have not been free, here's Ana Nas:

I am quite sure no one at all ever saw this coming. How else could Uncle Bob even think of holding an election? Especially one in which his continued victory wasn't totally assured?

A guy by the name of No Pants, with regard to the lack of progress being made after Mali's coup and Al Qaeda's stunning defeat by the French, points out:

Uphill only begins to describe it - AlQaeda and its retarded cousins are probably too far embedded, Capt 'Douchebag' Sanogo is still at large, enjoying his diplomatic immunity and who knows how many more privileges, and the only thing that has changed is that the French pounded the military into the sand - a defeat that probably has sand stuck so far up their assholes it still scratches when they poop.

... to which Bold Fold responds

They don't have to be a success by any measure except one - the need to get the aid money flowing. if they do nothing else their business model will still have been proven success. And the captain can go back to jacking off in retirement.

That's the way we roll on the Dictator's Handbook news forum, gents. Over to Algeria, where the ruling party remains divided. Pad Thai Why steps in on behalf of Captain Obvious, to point out:

Well, I don't know much about Algeria but I do know that's the number one easy for ruling parties to discover they're been washed down the crapper. It's not the strategy I'd recommend to any team that hopes to have any hope at all of staying in power. Good luck to you turkeys.

Quotes from Discussion of Generally Bad Governance

Some stuff doesn't need to be attributed to any special region or any special ruler, as it applies everywhere:

On the new era of Internet surveillance, Bold Fold:

Christ, I'm going to turn in my smartphone immediately, go back to POP3,
cancel a bunch of accounts, and lay low in my cave bunker. This decade sucks.

Not if you're the surveilleur, dude! Here's an exchange between Richard M Tater, No Pants, and Garanamal in the title-award-winning "Hey ICC, go suck it!":

Great article. International institutions are only useful if their power and authority are respected and recognized. Looks like the ICC could use some sharper teeth.

I hate reading about 'suck it' and 'sharper teeth' in the same sentence.

Yikes, we're discussing autocracy here, people!

The End

That's as good a place as any to wrap this up, I'd say. Maybe in 2014 we'll go back to a monthly overview, to keep it fresh. Many thanks to all the folks who took the time and energy to contribute to the discussion on the forum. The word is clearly getting out there, as we're now getting participants from parts unknown - a great thing.

Thanks to Fat Lady, Blue Ice, Lupine Necromancer, Massive Unibrow, Scat in Hat, Bold Fold, I'm Batman Dammit, KLS, Radio Daze, Motormouth, Dil Do Baggins, Phat Boy, Bonker, Radio Daze, Wild East, Panoply, Lizard 8, Phab Four, Strasse 82, Garanamal, Guanacaste, Ana Nas, 505 Meat Eater, KLS, Little Dipper, Dapper Dan, Natcho Mama, Hunter1, No Pants, Bowl o Soup, Bubba, Farley Cat, Mung Min, Bowl o Soup, Swamp Donkey, Mutts Nuts, Eye of Sauron, Ndella, Vlad the Konqueror, RunnerUp, Cat's Meow, Vlad the Konqueror, and Neener, whoever you are. And of course, thanks to our host and sponsor, Mr. Richard M. Tater.

Pad Thai Why for a pissing match. But in a fight between popular musicians and politicians, the political class doesn

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