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Greatest hits from the forum, 2013 (part 1 of 2)

Time to take a look at some of the greatest hits from the ongoing discussion at the forum. Like what you see? Jump in - you're welcome to participate.

Quotes from discussion of bad governance in the Americas

In article "[USA] Is the neocon movement over?" netizen Pad Thai Why posits:

You'll notice the article in dictator.general showing that Francis Fukuyama's claim to fame has all but totally eroded. Easy to come in on the side of the 'good guys' after the war is 'over' and say 'see, I told you so.' But that gets a little tougher to stomach a decade later when the results aren't so clear. Neocons - you suck.

In article "[Venezuela] poor, pitiful fucking Venezuela" netizen Radio Daze retorts:

I for one am wholly un-fucking-sympathetic. Venezuela has been driven squarely off the cliff by a leader with the economic IQ of a fucking turnip. Reckoning time, baby, reckoning time.

Our very own Richard M. Tater also jumps into the fray, with this comment about Nicaragua purging political outsiders:

Good stuff. Ortega is a douchebag and cementing his stupid FSLN party's position in power is about the only thing he cares for about as much as getting himself tremendously fucking wealthy. I look forward to watching him rot in hell while the Nicaraguans wander by his tombstone to urinate on it.

Discussing the potential USA government shutdown in article "Sack of snakes" and "shenanigans", Richard M Tater points out in response to Alastair Black,

How can the American government get anything done at all if according to the public, both sides are too busy fellating to govern? Maybe the smell of politics is 'spunk.'

... to which netizen Phat Boy responds

You know you're in trouble when your politician squishes when he walks ...

Thanks for that, dude. Now I have to go wash my eyes out with bleach.

It wasn't all snarky comments and sexual innuendo, though. In article "Why spy? Because we can, dumb-asses" Netizen Old Oak gives a dose of reality:

I'm expecting to hear the same sort of rationale for defending drone strikes, especially since they nailed the new head of Al Qaeda (boo ya, ya hairy bastard). Why do we drone strike? Because we can. Unilateralism and "exceptionalism" are slippery slopes of self-defined things. Aphorisms, really. But if Al Qaeda were busy drone striking the USA - and I wouldn't put it past them, if they had the technology - it would look awfully fucking different. Imagine if the speaker of the house keeps getting nailed by Al Qaeda drones every time he steps out of the subway. What would that headline look like? Probably not like the ones you see on the mainstream press when it's Al Qaeda getting nailed. Mind you, I'm not advocating we turn the tables, just saying the winners write the history.

Pad Thai Why does the same, with regard to Toronto mayor Rod Ford, with the quip,

I would just like to take this moment to remind everybody that this idiot was elected by the people. Isn't democracy awesome?

Man, if that doesn't sum up our forum, nothing does. The same user says about Cuba's rejection of movie theaters,

That's okay. Cubans can go back to what they like doing anyway - enjoying the revolution with the lights out.

Finally, because there's frankly just too much to salute here, I'll end the Americas section with this über-quote about America's Congressional gridlock and whether the stalemate will lead to American decline:

Something about the 'will it lead to decline' question makes me wonder if it isn't "ask a stupid question day" right about now. Of course it will, you stupid-heads. Go read about the Decline of the Roman Empire and see if anything looks similar to you. Hubris, wanton narcissism, fiscal imprudence, bad governance and leaders that are absolutely tone-deaf. Sound about right?
Decline in the short term would be a good thing, but I think we need to look at the long game here, where it's decline too.

Quotes from discussion of bad governance in Asia

Jeez, where to begin? Here's Phab Four on the increasing starvation and malnutrition in Afghanistan:

I don't mean to brush off hunger, tragedy, and misfortune. but hunger is the world's way of telling you you've been making bad decisions. Fuck it people, you have been focusing all your energy on creating some sort of Taliban super-Islamic state instead of thinking about producing anything valuable, growing food, or taking care of your people. And here we are now. Afghanistan: we beat our women, kill our children, grow drugs, and pride ourselves on being some sort of freaky more-Islamic than Islamic fuckfest. And now we ain't got nothing to eat. Serious, people, this is awful news for the Afghan people. But Afghanistan has not been making the right decisions. And here we are.

Regarding Kim Jong Un, 505 Meat Eater proposes,

Great article and great interpretation of what it all means. Kim Jong Un is a bottom feeder. That's why it's so pleasant to see him so mercilessly ridiculed. I'm each day more and more convinced that the best weapon for that spikey-haired fucktard is ridicule, not fear and or menace. Just don't take retard boy seriously and let him fume about it.

Nice work getting the maximum number of slurs into a single sentence, bro.

Bold Fold goes for a bit of a metaphor instead, and after KJU released that poor, elderly British veteran, pointed out:

... making North Korea the equivalent of that stodgy old veteran who crawls out of his 1950s bomb shelter expecting to see the remnants of a
nuclear winter only to find out life has gone on without him, and he's a crackpot outsider. Only by then he's so fucking insane he doesn't even
notice anything's wrong at all. In fact, that describes the Kim Klan quite nicely. They're all insane, and potentially inbred.

Hell, I'm having a hard time breaking away from North Korea here. 505 Meat Eater had this to say when KJU killed his own uncle:

Guess it was pretty clear what was going to happen next then, eh? Sayonara, Mr. 'Factional Filth.' I hope when KJU has his 'nuclear catastrophe' it happens in his pants.
Me too!

The number of swipes taken at Kim Jong Un almost rivals the number of swipes taken at "friend for life"Dennis Rodman. I'll skip most of the profanity and just quote Richard M Tater, as Rodman plans to return to Pyongyang:

Oh, that's useful.

Good enough: you can probably guess what everyone else had to say about it.

That's nearly enough from Asia, but just to get away from North Korea, here's a final quote by Lizard 8 about Afghanistan, as Al Qaeda slowly sweeps back over the land, threatening Karzai:

He's a pretty bold sunnofoabitch, when you think about it: the day the Americans depart, his ass is grass. He doesn't have what it takes to stay in power and he must surely know it. So that means all his gringo-bashing is nothing more than political grandstanding. I say let him burn.

And judging by the rest of the comments on the forum, just about everyone else feels the same way.

Quotes from discussion of bad governance in the Middle East

Bonker (hey, is that like the character on Doonsbury?) has this to say about drone strikes in the Middle East:
This does not seem like the greatest strategy for a superpower interested in winning hearts and minds. I hear the pitter patter of lots of young Al Qaeda recruits coming around to sign up.

I think I hear them too, and it's "pitter-patter" because they're all wearing ballerina shoes and tutus.

Discussing Egypt's relentless persecution of the Muslim Brotherhood, Wild East predicts:

Next step: collapse of the tourist industry, increasing spiral of acerbic and divided violence and conflict. And that should be the end of that economy for a decent while. Does the military care? Doesn't seem like they are focused on anything other than their oligopoly.

Clearly a guy who is sick of the status quo in Egypt then, because as Egyptians shout 'Great Satan' at the USA, he responds:

Seriously dudes, pull the on the check writing machine, let the military collapse, the people riot, and after the civil war subsides next decade we'll see if the new Islamic republic has a new opinion of America. This situation is untenable. Bonus effect: the Egyptians will be too busy slaughtering each other to have any remaining time to rape, fondle, or harass foreign tourists and journalists. Everybody wins!

(Don't let anyone suggest we're not attuned to gender issues over here at the DH Forum.) Still with regard to whether or not the USA should continue to fund Egypt, netizen I'm Batman, Dammit quipped,

I think the conundrum is: keeping funding that sucker, or don't! Al Qaeda seems to win, either way. I say, let the people get what they think they want, and we'll let them see how it goes. Might be the best way to do away with them. Kind of like teaching your kids to avoid alcohol - give them a nice fat, drunk, hangover and let them figure out how they like it.

I'm reaching for the decanter of scotch as I ponder that very strategy.

As the battle raged on in Syria, someone whipped out the chemical weapons. And while the West debated whether or not reality was real (cough, cough), Radio Daze huffed,

If you think about it, it's absolutely amazing that even as the US contemplates going to war, we don't have an answer to this fundamental question. The bullshit here is so thick I'm practically drowning in it. How can you fucking base your decision to enter into military intervention on the base of use of chemical weapons when you can't prove your enemy used them? Can somebody please bring in some adult supervision, please?

I surely don't need to remind you the adult supervision appeared shortly thereafter, and it was Mr. Vladimir Putin himself.

Next ... Stay tuned for Africa, General, and Chitchat sections.

Well, this is getting long, so let's wrap it up for today and we'll look at Africa, and the General and Chitchat departments at a later time.

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