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Dick Move #35: Promoting Self Censorship

This one doesn't take much describing, so I'll be brief.  Sometimes, you need to get out your censor board media oversight committee with their big, black Sharpie markers to make sure nothing makes it into the press you aren't willing to see in the morning paper.  But why take the brute force approach, when you can get the same effect with less effort?

I'm talking about self-censorship, and if you have done a decent job of establishing a culture of fear,  it will happen all by itself.  Imagine how pleasant it is when journalists, bloggers, and citizen spokespeople watch their f*cking mouths for fear awful things will happen to them.  

You may think I'm talking about China, but it's happening elsewhere too.

If you're a Dick, that's awesome!  If you're a citizen, not so much.