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Nicaragua's Ortega proposes new constitution sans term limits

I guess this was no surprise, right? I mean, Ortega has tried this on numerous occasions since coming (back) to power in Nicaragua in 2005.

The thing in question is the proposal of a new constitution, that(surprise, surprise) does away with all sense of term limits on the presidency. It's exactly the sort of thing he'd have railed against from 1991-2005 when he was on the outside, and would have fought against prior to 1979. But now that he's the one in power, staying there until his death seems the logical thing for him to do.

What do Nicaraguans think about it? They're generally appalled, and why shouldn't they be? Daniel Ortega has been ass-raping democracy since he took office, and it's been clear that his intentions are less-than-noble. But he's no fool, either. Nicaraguans are tired of war after an entire generation suffered mightily in the 1980s. He knows damned well they won't rise up in arms against him, and he knows that if he just keeps pushing the tip, a little more, a little more, he will eventually penetrate the pink fleshy ring of Nicaraguan democracy, and become a dictatorial "king" more avaricious than the one the Sandinistas overthrew in 1979.

Hypocrisy, you know no bounds. And that's why, Daniel Ortega, you are one of these things.