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WWDD? Be Sure. Be Really Sure.

Closing time

Your Excellency: I am president of my country, and thanks to your tip of vote-stealing I win last election, no problem. Also thanks to your excellent book, all political opponents now enjoy long stay in jail. I swim 5 miles all day, drink nice Sctoch from decanter and women like me, sometime even when I forget money. True, English could be better but no one is perfect (except you!). Still, I have problem; I can't sleep at night because nightmares terrify me, I wake up in sweat and think I have enemies unknown, maybe far away but maybe close too. You understand? Or maybe my enemy's son or daughter or dog is thinking revenge? So I say, why take chance? I order second, third, fourth crackdown, arrest all relatives, friends, aquaintances, pets. First I sleep better but can't help wonder, maybe I go too far? Then bad dreams come back. What I can do?

Respect yours, President Yelda.  

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