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Heads of State in Court

spanking: when nothing else will do the job

It's been a tough month for political strongmen as far as the judicial system goes. In some cases, it's catching up; in others it's already caught up.

Of note, we've got former Guatemalan military leader General Efraín Mott, who was found guilty of genocide of the Mayan people during his reign of terror in the 80s. I doubt he was expecting that.

In Iran, current furry strongman Mahmoud Ahmedinejad has been warned by the Constitutional watchdog he may face sanctions over breaking election regulations. I'm sure he wasn't expecting that one. Ahmedinejad is being scolded for having escorted his political protegé, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, to to the election registration office - a clear, though illegal, show of support. You know what else Ahmedinejad probably wasn't expecting? The potential sentence, which could include a maximum punishment of six months in jail or 74 lashes. And you can be sure there is more than one in government who'd be pleased to give that bearded wonder a sound spanking.

Europe has little more to gloat about, at least not the Italians, where a prosecutor is maneuvering to ensure ousted Prime Minister Sylvio Belusconi gets up to six years' jail time for having paid for sex with an underage girl. Not clear if he too will be spanked, or by whom.

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