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Dictator Dislikes: The Internet

Really people?  Is there no way to shut this thing down?  I am so sick of the "humor" in disrespecting those who demand total respect.

I think I'll pull the plug and make sure no one I rule has access to this kind of filth.

This isn't funny.

I am your total, undeniable, unreproachable leader. And I won't stand for this.

Generals: prepare the stun rays.  I am sick of this Internet thing failing to provide me with the respect I so utterly deserve.

Somebody: figure out which of these buttons I have to push to turn this filth off.  And get me a fucking pizza, too, while you're at it. 

I mean seriously, really? I don't look like that. And I doubt you'd ever find me cavorting with a Western trollop like that one.

No, c'mon. That's just impolite, really. Have some respect, dammit!

Somebody get my gun.

... so I can shoot myself. Criminy. I don't even understand this one. Maggots! My gun, please!