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The book is live

Hard to believe what a long, glorious road it's been to travel. So the Dictator's Handbook: a practical manual for the aspiring tyrant is now available on the market and for sale in outlets across the world. Well, the English speaking world. We'll work on other languages later, perhaps, if there's interest.

It wasn't easy. Khadaffi was killed while the manuscript was still about a quarter incomplete. Kim Jong Il shuffled off this mortal coil: what fun is it to write about dictators with those two yokels unaccounted for? Thank God Lukashenko is still with us, and Putin is good for an occasional laugh.

Latin America – You can always count on those guys to err on the side of tyranny. Chavez, despite failing health, still easy to poke fun at, and Nicaragua's Ortega is never far behind. Ahmadinejad is always good for a laugh. Because if you didn't laugh, you'd cry.

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Hello From the Glorious One

Hello readers, and welcome. This is El Jefe Dick, turning a new page, reaching out to the people directly through the written word. You might imagine me dictating this to a quivering sycophant, scowling at him as I admire my reflection on the solid gold band of my Rolex watch ... and you’d be quite right! That’s exactly what I’m doing now.

But why am I here? Anything to build my personality cult, and what better way to do that than to give you a glimpse of how greatness works. I'm going to share my insight and wisdom on the dictatorial arts and give you an inside source ... an actual dictator himself. And I do have a lot to say ... I even wrote a book about it. Read on.

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