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WWDD? Unhappiness and Disillusionment

Sir: Hoping you can help me.  My country is poor and getting poorer, the opposition's political sharks are circling, and we're having a hard time keeping the people calm and under control.  Increasingly they're trying to riot, complain, demand things it's impossible to provide them, etc.  How to regain the upper hand?

-- Dictator Smith

Dictator Smith: I think I'll just call you "Winston," eh?  I've got a solution for your problem.  It's not a permanent solution, mind you, but it will bide you some time.

Like most Third World Shitholes - and it sounds clearly like that's what you're probably running over there -  the issue is convincing the people that you're doing something for them.  You are probably too focused on the political opposition, whom you call sharks.  Forget the opposition - they're a bunch of pantywaisted circle jerks.  

Focus instead on the people.  Make it overwhelmingly clear that you are fighting for their utter, total, and complete satisfaction.  Then subtly make it clear over the next few months that they are already happy and what you've provided should be more than enough for them unless ... gasp ... they're traitors to the revolution.  Get it?  It's all psychology.

Here's a start.  Do like my little buddy in Caracas, Nicolas Maduro: he just opened up a new Vice Ministry for the Supreme Social Happiness of the Venezuelan People.  Ha ha!  Great move.  What do you think the Vice Ministry does?  Distribute paid jobs, free toilet paper, mini-vans, backrubs,  reacharounds, and helmetwashes?  Ha! Not likely.   But it does allow Maduro to say to his people, "What more do you expect, you ungrateful traitors to the revolution!  Sit down, shut up, and be happy for the happiness in which you're rolling, which has been lovingly provided by me ...

or would you like to admit you're a traitor?

-- Dick out.

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