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On Keeping Your Foot Down

Look, I've written before of my admiration for General Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi. Not only is he on a career path near and dear to my heart, but he's also a spiffy dresser. And the more recent moves he's authorized -- from using the courts to ban the only rival power block to closing their newspapers -- are perfect illustrations of what I've detailed in my book. See Chapter 5, 'The Culture of Fear,' and you'll understand how this type of thing works. Importantly, once you start the crackdown, you have to keep it going. Political violence and mass chaos are fine at first, but you need to fan the flames of fear with additional measures, and that's exactly what al-Sisi is doing.

'But what's net-out?' I hear some of my colleagues in the corporate world saying. The net-out? That's you on a throne, sugar-bowl full of cocaine (or whatever your pleasure) to your right, and no pesky opposition to trouble your sleep. 

And that's exactly why I'm a little concerned, al-Sisi.  

Nice outfit!

What's this I hear about someone in your 'government' (ha) postponing the dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood? You can't be serious, can you! Now is not the time to delay, waffle, or pussyfoot. Now is the time to step on the opposition's neck, and keep your foot there until you hear the sounds of bones breaking. My friend, you've got them on the run, denials notwithstanding. And if you want to strengthen the burgeoning movement calling for you to assume the presidency out of the goodness of your heart (nice trick), then take my advice and keep the pressure on. 

Believe me, the payday is worth the effort.  

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