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The Sweet Smell of Revenge

Do you see what these lips are saying?  That's right, people: they are saying "Fuuuuuuuuuuck yoooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu."  And dammit, I feel great.  You may have read my article here about getting the last laugh.  But there's one thing I love more than even that: it's serving out a couple of nice, warm helpings of retaliation.  Would you like some 'F U' with that?  Thought so.

Let's turn to Zimbabwe, which is a democracy as far as anyone can tell.  I mean, they had an election this year, right?  Hey, don't cry if you're upset that Bob Mugabe won it again for the sixth time.  If you don't like the game, don't play the game.  Trouble is, Western elements got their hands dirty by messing around with the politics, supporting opposition candidates, and so on.  Bad move.

It opens up a great opportunity for Bobbo to do something about it, and since he and I go way back, I can rest easy knowing he'll jump on the opportunity that's been presented.  In this case, that means using his political advantage to further decimate the private sector. The Christian Science Monitor tells this lovely story:

President Robert Mugabe said he wanted no "ideas from London or Washington," speaking before supporters at the funeral of a top military chief in Harare. He warned the Western powers that although his government hasn't "done anything to your companies, time will come when we will say tit for tat."

He said: "You hit me, I hit you. We have a country to run and we must be left
free to run it."

Hey, they were asking for it.  And if they didn't want to be persecuted, they'd have left well enough alone - that just goes without saying.

How you like dem apples? Dick out.

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