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The Last Laugh

Before I exiled my last tutor, I remember him taking great pains to teach me the best parts of Nietzsche. I don't remember much (I'm the superman embodied, don't forget, high cholesterol notwithstanding, so I don't need to study supermanliness), but one thing I did seize on was this idea of how to survive eternal recurrence; that is, if everything is destined to repeat itself, over and over again, then the only way to live through the endless cycles and prosper is to put morality aside ... get your kicks and do what you want, in other words, because this circle of existence is about as absurd as it gets. 

Well, you might disagree with my philosophical leanings, but one thing you can't argue with is success. I've survived coup after coup, assassination plot after assassination plot, and Western 'sanctions' a-plenty, all the while continuing to do what I do best -- hell, I even wrote a book about it.  

And that's where Hosni Mubarak comes in.

Not for long

You see, even though he was deposed, tried, and locked away in some godforsaken prison as his sworn enemies were elected and placed in power, Hosni had the strength to wait them out, languishing maybe but surviving. And now? When the Muslim Brotherhood is on the brink of being dissolved? When military rule is once again the order of the day? When the iron, bloody fist of repression (those words have a nice ring to my ears) is back on the upswing in Egypt? Look who's going to be released from prison -- that's right my friend Hosni, who only a few years ago was deposed in disgrace. 

His return to freedom might not mean a return to power (yet), but in a way he's back already; I've told you before how impressed I am with al-Sisi, who seems to be basing his early career on Hosni's example. And what do you know, the resurgence of Egyptian nationalism brings back the good old days (when Hosni was in power) like nothing else. It's almost like he never left.

What I mean to say is, a vicarious last laugh is a last laugh nonetheless -- so Hosni, have a few chuckles on me.  

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