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On Installing your Son

Chapter 13 of the Dictator's Handbook (Your Legacy) looks at the various ways your rule can come to an end, as well as the importance of making sure your legacy remains intact long after you're gone. Installing your son to continue your rule is a big part of that, if you can get away with it, and there are several clever ways of doing it, which we describe.

However our unspoken assumption is that your son is already an adult with some skills in government, management, and politics.

Enter Victor Lukashenka, to show us the error in our ways. He's been dragging his seven year son around with him to meetings to show that someday he will follow his father in the throne.

From the article:

The child first appeared in public around four years ago, and now sits in on almost all state occasions. He can be spotted strutting around at major military events holding a golden pistol, with generals of the army obliged to salute the infant, and is also now a fixture on his father's infrequent foreign trips.

Mr Lukashenko made the announcement about Kolya's potential succession during a trip to Venezuela this week, where the pair were given a lavish welcome by President Hugo Chavez. "You're correct in pointing out that my kid is here alongside us," said Mr Lukashenko. "This shows that we have seriously and lastingly established the foundation for our cooperation, and that in 20 to 25 years there will be someone to take over the reins of this co-operation."
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