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Dick's Tips: Keep it in the Family

Sad to say, but my friend Silvio Berlusconi's long public life looks to be about over. Too bad, I always admired his taste in showgirls. 

Time to think about what's next, then, for Silvio. Bring down the government? Been there, done that. A life of debauchery? Ditto. You see, I understand Silvio very well, and one thing I know he's done is read my book. So he knows all about preserving your legacy, and the best way to do that. And if you don't have a son that's ready to carry on in the family business, there's always your daughter.  

A dynasty in the making?

Silvio's daughter Marina has the talent to pull it off too. Anyone who can ruthlessly manage a publishing and television empire, use her influence to gain backstage access at La Scala, and get her confidants to speculate about her ambitions for political office while she takes on a detached and regal air is headed in the right direction. Come on Marina, all that's left is for you to read my book!

There's one thing left to ponder however: what happens to Silvio? My bet is he lands on his feet, that's what he's good at and what he's always done. To be a autocrat you have to be a survivor, as I always say. But wherever he goes, you know his eye will wander. That's just who is, my friend Silvio, the rampant id of Italy. So ciao Silvio, it's been fun. And it won't be the same without you. Rich Tater out. 

I like what I see

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