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On Losing Your Grip

No, this is not 'losing your grip on power.' Not yet anyway. This is yet again another admonition to all you would-be autocrats out there ... please, by all means emulate my book, chapter and verse, but don't, under any circumstances, think that you can come up with an innovative idea and run with it, no matter how crazy it is, simply because you are a 'dictator.' Yes, being a dictator means doing what you want. But if you want to be a successful dictator, that means NOT BEING STUPID. 

I guess that's too much to ask these days. What, you don't believe me? Well, look at Recep Erdogan. Sure I think he was a little heavy-handed in dealing with the recent riots, but that's no sin (hell it's mild compared to what I used to do in my salad days). What struck a nerve was his latest move ... yes, he called in the freaks. Apparently, his closest adviser is now a paranoid conspiracy peddler who attributes Turkey's recent problems to telekinesis.

Look, Recep, I don't deny that freaks are useful as a way to whip up public frenzy or pit one group of internal enemies against another; and of course I never met a good conspiracy theory that I didn't put to better use ... but come on now. You don't make these guys advisors. Ever hear of Rasputin? No? Well start reading, Recep, before you completely lose your grip on sanity. And while you're at it, read some Free Dick as well.  

Bring in the clowns

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