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No Respect

Obviously, some of you have not been paying attention to me. That or your reading comprehension and retention skills are at piss-poor levels, you illiterate tin-pot jack-a-holes ... President Morsi for one ... I mean ex-President ... yes, you! I guess you ignored my lessons about keeping your generals happy. Well, you got what you deserved. Then there's Medvedev. My God, what happened to you? You were so promising at one point, but you've slipped, you've debased yourself, and you've been reduced to complaining about rocket failures? What's next, reality TV? 

But the guy who really gets my goat is Evo Morales ... friend, you have some balls showing your face around here. Any dictator who gets no respect is no dictator to me. Because 'respect' is the goal -- the be all, end all, especially from those milquetoast Westerners. Those same Westerners, I might add, that grounded your presidential plane when they suspected you were trying to spirit the NSA leaker back to fair Bolivia. Do you think they would have grounded Putin's plane? Stalin's plane? Hell, even Robert Mugabe gets more respect than you. 

You've worn out your welcome with this autocrat, I'm afraid. So take a break from the spotlight, Evo, go fishing, relax, stay out the news for a while because you're starting to piss me off ... and while you're at it, take off that fucking hat. This is Rich Tater talking.  

I left my suit at the dry cleaners


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