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On Losing the Military

In The Dictator's' Handbook we stressed the importance of military support to established and aspiring tyrants, a fact that should be obvious to anyone with even a small awareness of history. Well, perhaps that's just another unrealistic expectation, because it looks as if Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi had no idea! (And do you remember what happened the last time the Egyptian militaryissued a communique?)

Rule number 1 for any competent autocrat should be 'keep the military on your side'; rule number 2 should be 'know your people.' And if your people have within recent memory deposed another heedless dictator who usurped the democratic process, antagonized the supporters of civil society, and responded poorly to ongoing protests, then the very least you can do is avoid repeating the mistakes of the prior regime.

And that includes keeping the military on your good side, President Morsi! 

Uh-oh, I should have read the Dictator's Handbook more carefully


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