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As you slip over the edge

It starts off as fun: a popular revolution maybe, or a coup d'etat that launches you into power. Suddenly you are THE DICK, cutting deals, making money, crushing your political opponents, vanquishing your enemies.

Your people look to you like the benighted savior of the people. You are a hero, you are divine, you are supernatural, you are a God.

Then it all starts to go to hell. There's a slippery slope there, but somewhere along the way, unfathomably, imperceptibly, with no warning bell, the shine starts to come off. You find yourself scheming, doing double- and triple-deals, sell your supporters up the river, betray those who fought for you. Where does it end as you slowly go from hero to villain?

I don't have that answer, although you can read about it in the Dictator's Handbook (it's there). But I can tell you about what happens on the way:

First of all, somewhere, you send out your thugs and the national police to beat the shit out your elder citizens, who are protesting the fact they're being denied a pension or access to social security. Hear that nagging in the back of your head? Like a buzz? That's the sound of your conscious mewling. You were brought to power on some kind of hokey-pokey "power to the people" platform, and a whole lot of horseshit about how you, the benevolent father, would take care of the poor and disempowered.

Bro, that buzzing is the sound of your hypocricy welling up to the surface with such force you will surely choke on it.

At the end, when you finally meet your inevitable end, Ortega (and the rest of you Dicks too), the people will say about you, "he was worse than the Dick he overthrew." Congratulations, douchebag. You have lost the game.


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