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Tools of the Trade: The Sit-Down

This blog has rightly been commenting on the events in Turkey in recent weeks, and now it seems events are taking a page right from The Dictator's Handbook -- Chapter 8, to be precise.

It now looks as if, despite unleashing terrible and probably counter-productive violence, Prime Minister Erdogan is willing to meet with the protesters, ostensibly to hear their complaints.

In Chapter 8 of our book we note that this tactic, the 'Sit-Down', can be particularly useful when trying to defuse public unrest. Take a page from corporate America, dictators -- the CEOs of the world know that nothing grinds down productivity like endless meetings -- and use the face time to snuff out the burgeoning rebellion. Even hint at 'concessions', as Erdogan did, but if you do listen to Rich Tater and insist that all public protestations must cease before any 'meaningful' talks commence.

So keep an eye on Erdogan and see how he plays his cards: and join the conversation on this topic at our forum.

And the riots roll on ...


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