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The Smear Game can go both ways Gringo TouristsAmericans have been hearing for ages how China is slowly taking over the world. Maybe it's true, but the Chinese have certainly chosen investment and endeavor over debt and social networking. Increasingly, Americans are being taught to fear the Chinese as a threat, a menace, an evil.

Turns out, that can work the other way too. This is probably more the effort of a creative journalist with an axe to grind than official, Communist party policy, but China’s top official newspaper The People’s Daily is taking aim at the United States with a newly unveiled column initially called "The Dishonest American Series", in what appears to be the latest media campaign to target US enterprises.

The column, which is published in English and Chinese, was later renamed as “Americans You Don't Know Of”, an apparent move by the paper to tone down the indecorous wording. Written by the paper’s Chinese news staff in New York, the series so far includes six articles lashing out at practices from greedy corporate culture to companies’ disdain for customers.

Remember, any decent authoritarian is responsible for setting the tone and establishing priorities. That means making clear who your enemies are. These guys have clearly taken that responsibility to heart.


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