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How to tell if you're a Dick

Are you a dick? Raise your hand if you are. Mr. and Mrs. Ortega, thank you very much. Keep those hands raised.

For the rest of you, here's a hint: If you, in your capacities either as autocrat-of-the-day or autocrat's-spouse-who-essentially-runs-everything have ever contacted a foreign government in order to request they stop funding your daughter's NGO then you can, in fact, say you are a dick. Bonus points: if you have been accused of repeatedly sexually violating said step-daughter, and have pilloried her in the press and elsewhere to make sure her case against you goes untried, then you count double.

Note: elsewhere in this blog, "Dick" usually means "dictator". But in this case in means not just that: it means you are a cock. Read on.

Here it is from The Nicaragua Dispatch and Tim Rogers, a journalist whose work provided lots of grist for the Dictator's Handbook:

Nicaragua’s most notorious family feud from the past 20 years returned to the public spotlight this week when a non-governmental organization run by Zoilamérica Ortega Murillo, the president’s stepdaughter and former accuser, published a paid ad in local newspapers accusing the Sandinista government of interfering in its fund-raising efforts.

According to a newspaper spot run by the Center for International Studies (CEI), a Managua-based organization that promotes issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, the Sandinistas’ deputy foreign minister abused his position power by dissuading the Norwegian Embassy from signing an accord to finance their organization. The embassy apparently obliged the Sandinistas’ request to avoid problems with its host government.

Here's the interesting bit: this is an example of not just authoritarian arm-bending. It's a wicked bit of family dirty laundry playing out in the press, and continued proof that Ortega and the witch he co-rules with are capable of doing anything possible to keep the step-daughter he allegedly raped for a decade quiet, submissive, and out of the spotlight.

You, sir and madam, are dicks. Here's a picture of a feminist protester with a sign bearing the image of Ortega's step-daughter. How can anyone espousing feminist progressive ideals even talk to this guy? Or the witch?

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