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Loving the Culture of Fear

Listen up, would-be tyrants, Rich Tater is back with some dictatorial pearls.

I gather that some of you might be tempted to open your societies, allow some limited freedom of assembly, free speech, economic reforms ... sorry, I was about to fall asleep reading off that pathetic list. But you can all do yourselves a big favor and forget about that high-minded civic culture nonsense. Know what the only really useful culture you can cultivate is, my little autocrats? That's right: the culture of fear (see chapter 5 of my book for the details).

In a nutshell, that means you stomp on civil liberties like you mean it, while indulging in show trials, routine intimidation of journalists, rampant surveillance and repression of opposition leaders or anyone else who gets in your way, or threatens to. Then watch everyone else get in line.

Want a great modern example of this? Look how my friend Vladimir Putin has really tightened the screws of late in Russia. That means that all you bloggers, crusading journalists, and punk rockers can sit back and enjoy the some state-sponsored repression for the duration. Young dictators, make sure they enjoy those jail cells, and then settle in and watch a trial presided over by a corrupt judge (your corrupt judge). Take it from me, you'll love watching the culture of fear in action. 

That's the long and short of it


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