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Skeletons in the Closet

No, this isn't a post about secrets from the past that emerge to haunt you and end up ruining your dictatorial project. This is literally about skeletons. 

You see, my former colleague, Francois Bozize, deposed leader of the Central African Republic, gets a pat on the back for doing things right. He must have read my book, because he came to power in 2003 through a coup (though, uh, he lost power through another coup -- read more carefully next time, Francis!).

Still, he gets credit for leaving his followers absolutely nothing ... except, of course, 2 human skeletons found by looters in his former residence. Sorry boys, all that gold and cash is long gone! Have fun picking bones! (I'll bet Francis is laughing right now, right between martini number 2 and 3.)

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