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The Latest from the Forum

It's been a while. Here's what everybody has been discussing on our forum, as always, a hotbed of skepticism and misanthropy. So, just like this place, but with snacks.

  1. The Death of Privacy
  2. [Togo] Every day, more pissed off
  3. [Uganda] Presidential goats are gone, gone, gone
  4. [Gambia] Sweet! Four day work week!
  5. [Ecuador] Correa prepares for ultimate power
  6. [N Korea] Fuck the hotline
  7. [N Korea] More dangerous than you think, but not nuts

And here are the greatest hits from our obstreperous and observant participants on the forum:

In the conversation [Syria] Assad sees danger everywhere, stays inside, Netizen Max the Incinerator writes That's because he knows his Assad is Grassad if he steps outside. Bad dum bum. Well done, Max.

And in the conversation [N Korea] combat posture to strike US bases, netizen Mutts Nuts writes North Korea reminds me of one of those "drama oscillator" girlfriends your roommate had in college, panicking her way through desperate situations
that consume her but that were essentially her own doing, if not her own
manufacture. The answer, there as here, is to ignore totally, and let her bask in her own irrelevance. But we can also enjoy that brief honeymoon period when web-wankers the world over dreamt that KJU would be a modernist and a reformer. Turns out he's hankering to blow his load in a couple of missiles.

And this is why we're winning the war on terrorism. Mr. Nutts, on behalf of the Dictator's Handbook forum and "web-wankers" the world round, we thank you.


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