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Dick Move #3: Kick out the donor

Chapter 10 of the Dictator's Handbook focuses intensely on how to "work" with the foreign donor community.  But sometimes an example is worth a thousand words.  Let's go to Nicaragua then, where Daniel Ortega provides one:

Courtesy of the Nicaragua Dispatch we have Daniel Ortega, whose foreign assistance is in jeopardy, using a tight pinch to his advantage: he turns around the threat and puts NGOs in the gunsight.    Now it may be illegal for Nicaraguan pro-democracy NGOs, we can assume - to receive funding from the United States.

 Any dictator knows that's the sort of move that wakes people up.  Let's look at the pros and cons:


  1. The Yanqui Imperialista American government is out of your (thinning) hair.

  2. Your Pro-Democracy NGOs are suddenly in the yardsale and bakesale business

  3. Everyone has just remembered who the frikking boss is around here.



  1. No more skimming that development assistance, dammit

  2. No more Yanqui Imperialista American government to blame when things go wrong (shout out to Fidel Castro!)

  3. A bunch of unemployed Nicaraguan NGO workers

  4. Many other Nicaraguans suffer, since this doesn't affect just the pro-democracy crowd.  Oh well, Ortega's presidency was never really about them anyway. 


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