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Show Them Who's Boss

Today I want to say that I understand. It's hard for some of you out there; a little constitutional barrier here, a little interfering parliament or journalist there. I know, and I feel your pain. We can't all be untouchable supreme leaders like Richard M. Tater. That's a given. Still, don't despair (just stop sending me these whiny fucking emails). If the glare of the media is unbearable, and the West is watching your every move, you can always turn the attention to your advantage and generate publicity with an essential by-product: a reminder to everyone, internally and internationally, of who calls the shots. 

Take Vladimir Putin. Career winding down? Getting older? Beset by punk rock acts, pro-democracy movements, and Western criticism?  Besides a resurgence of the security state, Mr. Putin knows that sometimes the best solutions are very public in nature. 

You're going down!

I was happy to see Vladimir use the upcoming Olympics as bully pulpit recently; nothing like a good public flogging of a subordinate to remind everyone that you are the boss.  Or take the his recent wade into the Russian adoption controversy -- now that's telling the West, Vladimir! All this media exposure is a good thing, young dictators, because it sometimes accomplishes your goals without resorting to violent crackdowns that you might be to weak to follow through to the bitter end (present company excepted, of course). 

The lesson here is that you should learn to use the light of fame to your advantage. Express yourself! Shout out! Use your constitutional right to free ... whoops, forget that last one! And stop sending me those fucking emails. Rich Tater has spoken.  

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