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As always, the Dictator's Handbook Forum remains a hotbed of political insight and desperation. It smells like Guiness.

Here's the latest:

  1. The Death of Privacy (in general.chitchat)
  2. [Zimbabwe] down to its last fitty sen
  3. [Eritrea] How long can it remain a closed state?
  4. Venezuela + Iran - Chavez = ?
  5. [Venezuela] Prison riot: you're doing it wrong
  6. [North Korea] Same old shit
  7. [Russia] Pow! to the moon, Alice!
  8. [Syria] Medvedev thinks Assad sucks
  9. [Mali] the European Union is MIA

And here's what our readers have to say:

In the article [Egypt] Riots = sexual assault detailing how many women are assaulted in otherwise political rallies, reader Natcho Mama writes:

Egypt is a sick society. Sick. ... Goodbye land of the pharoahs, you're now land of the fappers.

And in the article Venezuela + Iran - Chavez = ? Netizen Motormouth writes:

Oh, oh, oh, call on me. I know the answer.

Venezuela minus Chavez will also be minus Iran, which means it will just be Venezuela. No Chavez, no relationship. It's a paper relationship anyway, like the two class dummies who both enjoy heckling the other students from the back row, but they're both doomed to lives of pitiful irrelevance anyway, so as soon as you learn to ignore them, it all gets better.

Here's a new equation for you math lovers out there:
douchebag X 2 = ? Yes, that's right, double douche!

Wow, very subtle, Mr. Mouth. See y'all on the flipside.


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