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Mohammar, my beady-eyed friend

Khadaffi ThumbFound this on the Internet, that glorious bastion of an archive for things that interest me.  And it reminded me, man, it's a long time ago that they got my little buddy Mohammar Khadaffi.  Now there's a guy who contributed lots of good stuff to my Handbook.

Like his management of the military, for example.  Nobody did a better job of keeping his military forces corralled, separated, and engaged in permanent infighting than old Mowy.  He used to crack me up, too, with his incessant berating of the West and of Europe in particular.  You could always lighten up a party by inviting him to tell a couple of "Western Diplomat jokes."  There was that one joke, where a European diplomat, the President of the United States, and a camel walk into a bar.  But I won't spoil the ending; that joke goes to the grave with my buddy.
Anyway, rest in peace, you miserable bastard.  And thanks for all the great material.


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