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Mugabe and Pan-Africanism

Mugabe, thanks to Africa ReviewPity Robert Mugabe, if you can. Under his autocratic leadership, Zimbabwe has become one of the poorest countries on earth, with widespread hunger, empty hospitals, and raw sewage flowing in the capital's streets. This is not the Zimbabwe of yesteryear.

What does he turn his attention to, then, now that he's done such great work with Zimbabwe? Leadership of a Pan-African Union, of course. Why not? This used to be Colonel Mohammar Khadaffy's favorite axe to grind, citing the ruinous intervention of the 'West' in Africa, and its pernicious influence today. Whether the West's influence is beneficial or detrimental is the topic of another discussion. It's more useful to study whether a government body whose purview is the entire continent of Africa (and what that would really include) would improve things in any way. Would North Africa want part of this? Would Egypt be counted? What about African island states like Mauritius and Cape Verde, both of whom are doing pretty well for themselves?

Regardless, since the talking heads behind this particular initiative are a long way away from having a groundswell of support, this exercise is largely academic. And who better to lead the fight for uselessness than Uncle Bob Mugabe himself? Because what he's done to Zimbabwe is so impressive, he may as well try to lend a hand to the rest of the continent as well. No?


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