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Here is what's been happening on our forum.

  1. [Argentina] Kirchner banging on about the Falklands
  2. [Venezuela] Hurtling toward the post-Chavez chasm
  3. [Mali] French jets give Mali an enema
  4. [Guinea Bissau] 2013 will be like 2012
  5. [Burma] Oh noes! Reform undone!
  6. [N Korea] wants rapprochement, theme parks, better weapons

Man, you can't make this stuff up. Nor can you keep down public opinion. Here's what Netizen Massive Unibrow had to say about Bashar Assad in the discussion "Syria accepts advice but not orders":

I think the key quote here is "blind confidence in the face of an … ugly conflict … refusing to step down." He's making it clear there's only one way to get rid of him, and it's a method I think the rebel opposition is more than inclined to favor themselves as well.

Maybe he'll goad them so much they'll be forced to do something nasty to him/his cadaver just to make a point.

And finally, repeat offender Max the Incinerator chimes in on the discussion about Burma going back on its reform process with this quote:

I don't think anyone reading this list is surprised. At least, I'm not. Who among you was expecting the rainbows and unicorns to come flying out of Burma the moment the Burmese generals decided they would prefer the West to kick in some cash?

That's it for now. See you in two weeks.


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