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Headlines from the Forum

Here are the latest threads of discussion from our lovely forum. Get there!

  1. [Syria] Assad reaches for the scuds.
  2. [Russia] Here's one beauty queen who will soon be experiencing trouble
  3. [N Korea] What if we all just ignored Kim Jong Un?
  4. [Afghanistan] thanks for the aid money, suckers
  5. [Mali] That wasn't a coup!
  6. [N Korea] Kim Jong Un cracks one off

And here are the winning quotes. Tough to choose just one! First of all, in a discussion about Syria, we've got netizen Scat in the Hat, who writes in response to Bashar Assad's assertion he'll live and die his life in Syria,

Yes, that's what we're hoping. And if we're lucky, it will be due to a rocket launcher up his ass. (Putting the "Ass" in "Assad.")

Next, in the article about how Venezuela's ailing president Chavez's health weakens his political platform, netizen June Bug responds:

Isn't that the weakness in the one man state? When that one man disappears, the state vanishes. Let's assume Chavez is a mortal and will eventually die, even if cancer isn't the cause of his ultimate demise. What happens to Venezuela then? The institutions have been ravaged, the competing powers eviscerated, the press shackled, the legislature muzzled, the economy pillaged, and an entire generation of Chavistas is running around feeling entitled to having their asses wiped by the state.

Doesn't bode well for a strong and functional Venezuela, I can tell you. I went to school with a Venezuelan back in 89 and in those days Venezuela was an economic powerhouse to be reckoned with. These days it's a pauper state of hyper-politicized peasants. Way to go, you bereted dumbass Chavez.

OK, one more - can't resist. In the article "Kim Jong Un cracks one off" netizen Max the Incinerator provides the inevitable riposte:

Ha ha! Strokity-strokity-strokity-SPROING! I'm tired of all this North Korea missile madness. The Kim family is a one-trick pony, and an ugly one, at that.

That's it for now, folks. See you in two weeks!


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