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Blame it on Terrorists

Terrorism and/or terrorists make a pretty good excuse for about anything.  Can I get a show of hands from the audience if you've ever used this trick?  Yes, that's what I thought - almost all of you.  You can put your hand down now, George.

The trick is: you need to be a bit clever about it. 

On Thursday, 29 November 2012, Syria's Internet lost connectivity with the rest of the world.  Cut off!  There were two obvious potential causes:

  1. The rebels terrorists bombed key Syrian government communications infrastructure, maybe even the Ministry of Telecommunications?  Those damned terrorists, inflicting pain and misery on the poor, suffering Syrian people - not to mention their striving government officials!

  2. Assad's own men pulled the plug, plunging the nation into communications darkness.

Looks like even the kind folks participating on our forum thought it was the former.  And why not?  It's a plausible excuse, and even a very likely strategic target for the rebels terrorists.

Only problem: network engineers figured out it was the latter.  You're busted, Assad! 

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