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Let's Talk about Total Annihilation

When I play, I play to win.  Any questions?  Yes, you in the back, on your knees, with your hands tied behind your back.  You were saying?  Sorry, can't hear you with that gag in your mouth.  Anyone else?

So, as I was saying:  I don't have time to mess around: I want problems fixed and fixed permanently.  So when it comes to troublesome media-hogs like the Russian band Pussy Riot, here's what I recommend:

  1. Arrest them and have them tried.

  2. Find them guilty and jail them.

  3. Arrest anyone who stands up for them.

  4. Make sure they get sent somewhere unpleasant, with no media coverage.  Boo hoo!

But lastly, here's where I outdo myself:

Take their silly videos off the internet so they don't get anymore publicity, and their little stunt gets forgotten.  Yes, ahem, they're "extremist."  Brilliant.  I kill me!  So, now not only is PussyRiot off the air, but so is the stuff they produced.  Let's see if that shuts everyone up!

Thanks to the Telegraph UK for use of the photo.

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